Narnia Class update

We have had a fantastic week in Narnia class, learning all about Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly around the world! We have made fact files all about her extraordinary life, and have been learning how she navigated using the four compass points: North, East, South and West. We have even had a go at pretending to be pilots in the playground, using our understanding of the compass points to recreate Amelia’s flight path! In English, we have continued our stories inspired by Oliver Jeffers’s book ‘Lost and Found’, and have been writing about the penguin’s journey back home to Antarctica, the most southern continent. In Maths, we have been discovering that when we add three digits, it doesn’t matter what order we add them – the answer will always be the same! Work on the Nativity continues. We have now learnt all the songs (which already sound amazing!) and we are all very excited with our roles and to finally begin learning our parts.