Head of School update

This week at school…..

We have had a different week at school as many of our children have been visiting new classrooms and even new schools in readiness for transition at the end of the year.  Next week children will experience their “new” classes in person during transition days.  We very much look forward to welcoming them in their new cohorts and hearing about their experiences! Some of our Year 2 class have had the opportunity to come over at the end of the day to the Junior school and see what happens.  It’s the same but in a different place to their normal routine. We will be supporting all our children to enjoy all the transition process and alleviate any worries they may have. 

Year 1 and 2 had a brilliant trip this week to Cromer. They visited the Henry Blogg Museum, went to see the lifeboat on the pier and even went to the beach!  It was a lovely day and the children were so amazing we were very proud of them all!  Check out the class update for more information.

This week we have welcomed in some former students from the school as part of their work experience placements from High School.  They have been working in a number of classes and the children have really been amazing teaching them how things are done now in comparison to what it was like when they were here! The feedback from them has been lovely and the children have enjoyed having them here. Next week we will have 2 more students from another high school in the Juniors. We look forward to welcoming them too. 

This week’s Tech Update is looking at BBC Bitesize!

For many of you with older siblings in the family you may be more familiar with BBC bitesize being used as exam revision but have you ever looked at it for your Primary School child?  With the summer holidays looming and the ever present spectre of what should your children be accessing, this is a good site that provides so many different games and activities to keep younger children occupied.  As with any app or games you should always review them first to determine their appropriateness for your child. The advantage of this BBC service is firstly, its Free!Secondly the quality of the games and activities are similar to those you will see in the App stores for many other childrens games but these are also linked to the national curriculum so you can be sure that not only are the children having fun but its supporting their learning too.

When you search the site you can choose the age range of your child/ren and then access games that focus on particular areas or are just fun!  You might even want to try one yourself to see how you do!

As with any site or app or game you need to use this in the way that you feel is most appropriate for you and your children.  Let us know your favourites. We would love to get your feedback!

Reminders/Dates for the Diary

Top Class 2023 – Our year 6 class will be featured in the North Norfolk News Supplement on Thursday 13th July 2023.

Attenborough Class Amazona Zoo Trip – Please login to school money to make the payment and book your child’s snack pack. You can also go into the school money shop if you would like to purchase your child’s souvenir. You will also need to provide consent for your child to attend this trip : https://forms.gle/o95EJAPHe7WQbx6HA

Pre-Loved Uniform Donation Requests – We would welcome any donations of uniform that your child may have now outgrown, please continue to hand them in to the school office.

Year 6 Leavers Performance – Please complete this form if you haven’t already:  https://forms.gle/aGjK98cxWdQpHXc49

Transition Days – letter out today with information for next week.

Last day of term Friday 21 July and School reopens on Wednesday 6 September

Dates for the Diary

Monday:  Music After School Club; Cricket After School Club

Tuesday:  MJS Dodgeball After School Club; MIJS Gardening Club


Thursday: MJS Football After School Club; MIS Multi Sports After School Club; 

Friday:  Swimming – Yousafzai