Head of School update

This week at school…..

All of the children’s work during project week was represented by a selection of our children at the Royal Norfolk show this week.  They were part of a larger group from our federation of schools and were fabulous ambassadors for our schools. They talked to members of the public about the work they had been doing and even had a chance to speak to the Minister for Agriculture who was nabbed by our Reception Teacher Mrs Betts! He spent a while looking at all of the children’s work and asking questions. Well done to everyone whose work was displayed and the team of children who were a credit to us all.

Earlier in the week we watched our Incredible Eggs turn into lovely ducklings and after a week of being studied and being part of our lessons they have now gone to one of our childrens’ homes to become pampered pets!  We look forward to seeing them grow and maybe see them again!

This week we received delivery or 2 defibrillators, one for each school which are now hanging in the entrance ways.  This is part of a wider government roll out to ensure all schools have access to a unit by the end of the year.  This was driven as a result of the tragic death of a young person during a sporting event.  Both units are available for staff and the public to use in the case of a cardiac arrest and give spoken instructions on their use when activated.  However, we hope we never have to use them.

The end of the week has culminated in our Year 5 Camp out with children from all 6 schools enjoying a night in bell tents with activities over 2 days.  Despite it being an early start to the day today as the sun came up, all the children have thoroughly enjoyed it – we may even extend it to longer next year! We are currently going through a few hundred photos that will be shared with you on social media once checked. 

This week’s Tech Update is looking at …… Posture!

What are Mobile Devices Doing to Your Child’s Back?  When your child tilts their head forward because they’re bent over a phone or tablet, the angle of the head puts additional strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck. They also tend to round their shoulders forward, which creates additional wear on the back and the upper part of the spine.

When children spend an extended amount of time in these positions, they can start to experience pain. Researchers have noted that doctors are seeing an increase in children coming in for treatments for back and neck pain, and that increase seems to correlate with the increase in mobile device use. What’s more, poor posture tends to breed more poor posture. In other words, if your child is slouching or hunching over a device, they may also be doing it when they’re sitting in class or at the dinner table. Poor posture can quickly become a habit.

What Are The Long-Term Effects?  When children develop a bad posture habit, the effects can be long-lasting. Back and neck pain is only one aspect of the problem. Poor posture can also cause the spinal cord to change shape, which can create chronic pain and affect balance.

Poor posture also has an effect on the rest of the body. Sitting for extended periods of time with poor posture compresses the digestive organs, which has a negative effect on the digestive system. Bad posture is also associated with varicose veins and an elevated risk of heart disease.

Here are some illustrations of postures for healthy screen time. Moving around is key – by changing position it reduces pressure on muscles and joints.

Here are some links to useful sites for more information.


Reminders/Dates for the Diary

Attenborough Class Amazona Zoo Trip – You will have now received a letter with full details. Please login to school money to make the payment and the school money shop if you would like to purchase your child’s souvenir. You will also need to provide consent for your child to attend this trip : https://forms.gle/o95EJAPHe7WQbx6HA

Year 1 & 2 Visit to Cromer Lifeboat and Henry Blogg Museum  – You will have now received a letter with full details. Please login to school money to make the payment. You will also need to provide consent for your child to attend this trip :https://forms.gle/UWQbLtbdcvBNLgZu8

Pre-Loved Uniform Donation Requests – We would welcome any donations of uniform that your child may have now outgrown, please continue to hand them in to the school office

Last day of term Friday 21 July and School reopens on Wednesday 6 September

Dates for the Diary

Monday:  Music After School Club; Cricket After School Club

Tuesday:  MJS Dodgeball After School Club; MIJS Gardening Club


Thursday: MJS Football After School Club; MIS Multi Sports After School Club; 

Friday:  Swimming – Earhart Year 2