Head of School update

This week at school…..

We have had a very busy week!

With delivery of Incredible Eggs – which have now hatched into cute ducklings to First Aid, Water Safety demos and talks and of course, picnic on the field with parents followed by an amazing Sports Day, we have had a very busy week.  Everyone had a great time!  

We welcomed the British Red Cross this week to talk to Yr 6 about first aid and let them participate in some activities including resuscitating Auntie Annie the dummy!  All the children interacted so well and asked some great questions.  We also had a talk from Coast Watch and the Mundesley LifeBoat about Water Safety, which is part of our curriculum along with swimming as we are a Coastal school.  It is so important for children to be aware of what to look out for and we all learned a great deal.  

Culminating all our activities this week was our Sports Day.  The children all participated as did the parents!  The picnic on the field initially was lovely and we all enjoyed spending time together and seeing our whole school community come together.  The children enjoyed a number of races and the Juniors also had a carousel of activities.  Though the weather was very hot, everyone was amazing, including our parents who joined in for a parent race!  We have lots of photos, a couple of which are below, the rest will be shared with you in a folder for you to enjoy!  Thank you to everyone who organised and participated in the day, including all our families who were there to support the children – you really made the day for them.

This week’s Tech Update is looking at AI – Artificial Intelligence.  Unbeknownst to many of us, AI is a platform of technology that forms the basis of many programmes and software that we access increasingly frequently. From adults accessing services like insurance or utility companies offering live chat options; to banking and increasingly within game platforms.  We know from research that children eagerly experiment with new found computer generated companions in a number of age related or non age appropriate games.  Having a virtual friend or pet that they interact with sometimes daily is part of their daily lived experience. So how do we as parents or carers control the risks?  The National Online Safety website is a definite go to and they have a great fact sheet with lots of information, but here are some of the key points:-

Chat about chatbots and find a balance. Have a relaxed chat with your child so you know who and what they are interacting with every day.  You could even explore together. If your child wants to explore and engage with chat bots, do it together or have a shared space they do it in, in the lounge or kitchen at the table for instance where you are around and can see and hear.Make sure you are setting up parental controls to filter content. Lastly and probably most importantly, AI and chat bots should not replace real life interactions with other children and adults.  Try balancing tech time as part of play time, so it is not the only thing children are playing with.  DOnt forget that chatbots are collecting data at all times about their users and they are only as good as the developer behind them.  Always ask yourself “am I happy for this chat bot to teach my child or influence my child”? If not, stop.  AI is here to stay but you are able to control how they affect your family and how you use them.  

Reminders/Dates for the Diary

Earhart Swimming – Will be swimming next Friday 30 June 2023. Please be reminded that swimming hats are compulsory and can be purchased on the school money shop for £1.06.

Isle of Wight Trip – Parents/Carers will have received an email on Thursday 22/06/2023. Please complete your child’s medical and dietary information here: https://forms.gle/y9YBakSCkztqiGSP8

Last day of term Friday 21 July and School reopens on Wednesday 6 September

Dates for the Diary

Monday:  Music After School Club; Cricket After School Club

Tuesday:  MJS Dodgeball After School Club; MIJS Gardening Club


Thursday: MJS Football After School Club; MIS Multi Sports After School Club; 

Friday:  Swimming – Earhart Year 2