Head of School update

This week at school…..

Well done to all of our Year 2 pupils who have been amazing this week.

Over the past 5 days the year 2 class has been completing their Special Missions from the Government delivered by the one and only Olivia Tootington the Secret Agent owl (pictured!).  Otherwise known as SAT’s.  These are evaluations of your child’s progress and help us to then plan and support each child to be their very best in readiness for their transfer to Junior school.  Each of the children have worked diligently and we have seen the amazing efforts and achievements they have made.  We are very proud of them all!

Monday saw our Year 6 class have a trip to the beach topped off with a Fish and Chip lunch to celebrate their achievements.  Despite the cloudy weather, everyone had a brilliant time!  In addition, our Year 1 and 2 children also took part in a Cross Country event that was held on the school field, they all did brilliantly and it was a great way to let off steam for Year 2 after completing all their missions and Year 1 for supporting them by being so quiet and considerate throughout.

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for the Monarch Treasure Hunt, we had lots of correct entries and the winners were presented with their prizes on Monday at the whole school assembly. Well done everyone!

Next week our Year 5 class will be going to Bruce Grove, a primary school in Tottenham, London.  The last time we were able to visit was before the pandemic and it’s a great opportunity for our children to see what life is like in a school in the centre of a city, very different from our own coastal location. Later on we will host children from there on a visit to our school.  Everyone is very excited and we look forward to hearing all about it when the class returns. 

We have a few reminders for parents this week as follows:

Leavers Hoodies – Payments are available on school money. If you would like to order more than one then there is an additional hoody payment option available. Orders and payments must be made by Monday 22 May 2023. As the hoodies will feature the names of children from the class we will need your consent to include your child’s name even if you do not wish to purchase one.

PTFA Pre-Loved Uniform Order Requests – Please submit your request here: https://forms.gle/37qkpQiBovEHW1bs8 Donations can be made on school money, please continue to hand in clothing donations to the school office.

School Money outstanding balances – We have a few children with outstanding amounts on their accounts. Please note that you will be contacted to bring these up to date this week. If you are experiencing any problems making payments please let us know as soon as possible. Unpaid balances may mean that your access to clubs etc is temporarily suspended until the account is brought up to speed.  Offices will not be able to make bookings on your behalf without taking a payment over the phone.

This week’s tech and online safety info focuses on Wellbeing Online.

The National Online Safety is a hub that we use in school on a regular basis as it keeps us up to date with new apps, hints and tips and ways to help protect our children as they navigate the technological platforms that are all part of our daily lives.  This week we are looking at the Wellbeing Online information that has just been launched.  As parents and carers you will routinely be thinking about the daily tasks and support you give to your child/ren, making them meals, packing their school bag, making sure they are getting fresh air, enough sleep for example.  However, it is easy to forget just how important the online world and digital technology are to us. We book our children’s meals on it, pay for a trip, research what to do at the weekend; keep in touch with friends and family in lots of different group chats – and that’s just us as adults!  Keeping well online is not just for our children – it’s also good for us too. Here is the link for all their guides, but maybe start by looking at this one.  NOS Looking After your wellbeing Online  if you can introduce just one of these elements on a daily basis, it will start to have a positive impact very quickly.  It’s worth checking what you already do as well – you may be surprised.  We are so used to seeing information about supporting our own and our families wellbeing that we can easily forget that the digital world has a powerful effect on everything we do. If you every have any questions or worries about your child’s digital life, talk to them, talk to us, together we can support a more healthy approach to life online.

Reminders/Dates for the Diary

Letters:  Village Safety


Monday:  Music After School Club

Tuesday:  MJS Dodgeball After School Club; MIJS Gardening Club


Thursday: MJS Basketball After School Club; MIS Multi Sports After School Club; 

Friday:  Swimming – Seacole class (24 March to 26 May) Year 5 visit to Bruce Grove