Head of School update

This week at school…..

We have been immersed in the heritage text of the Wind in the Willows; been part of a Disney Multisports event and looked at our local landmark Norfolk Broads!

Take a look at the weekly class updates to see more detail of what the children have been up to, I am sure they will tell you all about it!

We have a few reminders for parents this week as follows:

Lego Vouchers – The final tokens will be available on Saturday 29 April 2023. Please hand in all tokens collected to the MIJS school office on Tuesday 02 May 2024. Thank you for your support.

Class Photos – All classes have now been emailed their child’s class link – For those of you who are yet to order you have until Monday 08 May 2023 to take advantage of free delivery back to school, otherwise home delivery is available for £5 postage and packing.

Bruce Grove Trip: Payment in full must be paid by Sun 30 April 2023

Isle of Wight Trip – The full balance should now have been paid so please ensure you bring your account up to date this weekend.

As you will be aware the King’s Coronation takes place next weekend and we will be holding a King’s Coronation Picnic event at school.  Please ensure that you order your child’s school meal by midday this Sunday.  See the letter sent out last week for more information and reminders will be sent to you next week as well. The event culminates in a Monarch treasure hunt around the village with a prize for one randomly drawn winner of the correct entries – will it be you? As with all our outdoor events this will be weather dependent – fingers crossed it stays dry.  We will let you know of any changes to the plan as soon as possible.

We know that there will be lots of events going on around the village, check out local notice boards for more information.

This week’s tech and online safety info focuses on Online Phishing Scams.  Many of you I am sure saw in your children’s apps or browsing history around Easter a chocolate scam purported to be from Cadbury’s offering a free hamper if the recipient shares a link and opens it themselves.  This was part of a national scam where every time the link was shared and opened the link was attempting to harvest personal data from devices.  This is more usually called a phishing scam. The concerning thing about this is it was particularly inviting for children and young people as it used a common household chocolate brand.  If you do not already speak to your child/ren about these, now is the time to remind them never to open any links even if they are sent by a known friend as they could be spurious or more importantly leave them open to their details being harvested. Please click on the link for more information about how to protect you and your child/ren from Phishing. The link will take you to the National Cyber Security Centre.  National Cyber Security Centre UK

Gardening Club; over the last couple of weeks the children attending the club have been working hard to sow seeds and get the garden ready. They have worked really hard and we hope to see the fruits of their labour soon – have a look at these photos!

Finally don’t forget its Bank Holiday on Monday with school closed.  The school will reopen on Tuesday 2 May.  Have a lovely long weekend everyone.

Reminders/Dates for the Diary



Monday:  BANK HOLIDAY school closed

Tuesday:  MJS Dodgeball After School Club; MIJS Gardening Club


Thursday: MJS Basketball After School Club; MIS Multi Sports After School Club; 

Friday:  Swimming – Seacole class (24 March to 26 May)