Orangutan Class 18th Nov

In phonics we have learnt four more sounds; ck, e, u and r, we have also learnt how to read the words; the, and & to. We have been writing and reading words with the sounds that we have learnt.

In Maths we have been discussing ‘finding the total’, the total of two groups and using language such as add, plus, equals, is the same as, altogether. In our topic we received a book, all wrapped up. It was a new book; ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been looking at our book, discussing what it could be about, who we think the characters will be, where it will be set etc. We then read our new book and discussed the rhyme within the book. We looked at lots of animals and compared them to work out the similarities and differences.

We’ve had another fantastic week. Keep reading lots at home and practising writing the letters that are sent home. Many thanks for your continued support with learning at home and all the amazing Tapestry updates 🙂

Marine, Polar and Glacier Classes 11th November

We have had a spectacular start to the new term in Marine , Polar and Glacier Classes! We have begun looking at our new book – the Jolly Postman. Unfortunately, we were unable to go on our trip to the village on Friday to find out about the job of a postman and local landmarks, however, the children had a unique experience of a virtual tour of the route! Their map making was fabulous. We are now looking at writing letters and would really appreciate it if you could support your child by writing their address with them.

In Maths we have been looking at money, identifying different coins and adding them up. Again, it would really help your child if they could look at coins and count them with you.

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