Welcome to Amelia Earhart Class

Hello and welcome to Amelia Earhart class! We are a fun, lively and imaginative group of 16 pupils, led by our teacher Miss Pettifer and wonderful teaching assistant, Mrs Cornhill. Our class is named in honour of the pioneering pilot Amelia Earhart, who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Her story inspires us to follow in her footsteps by being brave, inquisitive, determined and unafraid to break the mould!

What are we learning about this term?

This term in Amelia Earhart Class, we are learning about a topic called Celebrations, which focuses on the importance of celebrations in Indian culture. India is the seventh biggest country in the world and has a population of 1.2 billion people - that’s a lot of people! So how does such a big country bring people together as a community? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out!

To begin this term’s unit, we will be learning the four countries of the UK: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and their capital cities. We will explore the five oceans and seven continents of the world, before comparing the geography of the UK to India. We will also find out about how people in India celebrate different ceremonies, such as weddings and Diwali (the ‘festival of lights’). We will also find out about the importance of music to Indian celebrations, and will compose some of our own music. In art, we’ll be designing some rangoli and mehndi patterns. Towards the end of the unit, we’ll be putting our taste buds to good use in DT, by making (and tasting) some of our own Indian baking!

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I like JONK time with different activities. I am looking forward to learning phonics and new letters. I love being with my friends in class when we do group work.

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I like learning new things at school. I love writing and showing the teachers my writing. I enjoy playing with my friends outside. I want to learn new things everyday.

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I like JONK time. My favourite lesson is maths. I enjoy counting upwards and learning more numbers.