Welcome to Willis Class

We are a group of 28 curious and collaborative Year 1’s and Year 2’s. We work with our teacher, Mrs Duffield and we’re really lucky to have a terrific trio of teaching assistants helping us in class. Mrs Alexander and Mrs Payne are with us most of the week and Mrs Rivett support us and Gravett Class in the afternoons.

Our Class is named after Jeanne Willis who has written lots of picture books such as The Bog Baby and Tadpoles Promise. We have begun the year by reading both of these wonderful books and we’ve been really busy making our own Bog Babies!

We know that we have to work really hard this year and show everyone what brilliant listeners and learners we are. But we are not sure what we are looking forward to most this year, our Topics ‘Ahoy There’, ‘The Great British Bake Off’, ‘London Calling’, or learning the ocarina!

At the moment we are busy learning about each other through our ‘All about me’ boxes and have shared some with the Class everyday.

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