Ruby Bridges weekly class update w/e 16/04/2021

What a fantastic first week back, everyone was so happy to see each other.

In Phonics, Reception have been recapping on the ‘oi’ sound and how to recognise it within words, write words and sentences. Year 1 have been focusing on the sounds are, y and ph.

In Maths, Reception have been learning all about doubling a number and Year 1 have been focusing on counting in the pattern of 10s, adding eaual groups and we’ve also been practising our number bonds to 10.

Reception have started to do English using our new programme ‘The Write Stuff’, we are reading the book ‘Ruby’s Worry’ over the next two weeks. Year 1s have been reading the book ‘The Way Back home’ and have created some amazing sentences using lots of new vocabulary as well as pretending to fly aeroplanes.

In PE (which will remain on Wednesday) we have continued with our Jungle Dance and created the middle section to music.

In Topic we have started looking at where we live, where Mundesley is on the map, we had lots of fun using google maps.

Well done to everyone, it has been a wonderful first week back. Enjoy your weekend 🙂