Ruby Bridges weekly class update 9 July 2021

We’ve had another great week in Ruby Bridges, it has made me realise how much I am going to miss everyone and how lucky Miss Gray is to teach you all next year.

In Phonics we have been reading sentences and matching them to a picture. We then wrote a sentence about a picture. Year 1s have been recapping on the order of the days of the week and how to spell them.

In Maths, Reception have been learning to add on e.g. if you had to add 10 and 8, you would hold the number 10 in your head and count on 11, 12, 13 etc. Year 1s have been concentrating on quarter, half and full terms.

In English the year 1s have been concentrating on poetry and they’ve worked really hard. Reception have started the book ‘I wanna Iguana’ and we have been writing persuasive letters asking for a dog.

In RSE year 1s have been talking about relationships with our friends and how we need to communicate clearly and always tell the truth. Reception have focused on likes and dislikes and knowing that it is ok to have different likes.

We have also been very lucky to work with Mr Hall and carry out some orienteering on the playground, we had lots of fun (see the photos). We have also been busy planting our sunflowers around the school and keeping an eye on our caterpillars that are now chrysalis. I hope you have an amazing move up week 🙂