Ruby Bridges weekly class update 14/05/2021

This week in Phonics, Reception have continued to read and write CVCC words. Year 1s have been recapping on the ve,oi.

In Maths, Reception have been recognising numbers to 20, ordering numbers to 20, working out missing numbers, matching number to amounts and saying one more and one less. Year 1s have continued with addition and using part whole to support this. We have discussed all the different number sentences we can make if we know one number sentence.

In English Reception have started looking at our new book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and Year 1s have started their first non-fiction book using the Write Stuff Style. Our non-fiction book is based on Samuel Pepys.

In Topic we have talking about our PSHE question which is ‘Do all our choices have a consequence?’

In PE we have continued with balance and moved on to travelling along things on the ground and above the ground eg benches.

We’ve had another great week. Well done Ruby Bridges!