Ruby Bridges weekly class update 07/05/2021

We’ve had a lovely few days after the Bank Holiday. It was lovely to hear about everyone’s bank holiday weekend.

In Phonics, Reception have been focusing on reading and writing CVCC words such as jump, tent, limp, speck, gulp etc. Year 1s have been recapping all sounds learnt so far but not learnt any new sounds because they are working so hard on their independent writing this week. In Maths, Reception have been concentrating on subtraction, they’ve used objects, drawing, part whole and a number line to work out the answers. Year 1s have been counting in 2s and 5s and adding using a number line.

In English, Reception have continued with our story of Sudden Hill, we have been amazing at remembering words from our last book and applying them to this book. Year 1s have blown our socks off with their ideas and how hard they worked on their independent writing.

In Topic we have been recapping on countries, transport and then we focused on Australia and Iceland. We found out so much, see if your child can remember what they learnt.

Please continue to hear your child read three or more times a week at home and still check their tricky words. Have a good weekend 🙂