Ruby Bridges weekly class update 02 July 2021

What a great week we’ve had in our Class, everyone is getting really excited about their move up week.

In phonics, Reception have been continuing to read and write sentences, this week we have been using some high frequency words such as have. Year 1s have been focusing on the ow grapheme that makes the long O sound, the ue and the ew graphemes that makes the long oo sound and the ‘ue’ grapheme that makes the long U sound.

In Maths, Reception have been looking at odd and even numbers, we’ve used numbers, objects, numicon, dice and dominos to sort them into odd and even. Year 1s have been working really hard on money.

In English, Reception have finished their work on the book ‘Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk’ and Year 1s have finished their independent write and have started a new book. We had a great time in PE, throwing and catching and bouncing and catching. We have also started our RSE lessons, we split into Reception and Year 1s to do this as they have two different lessons. All the RSE curriculum can be found on the school website.

Well done everyone on all your hard work. 🙂