Ruby Bridges Weekly Class Update 25 June 2021

We’ve had another fabulous week in Ruby Bridges Class.

In Phonics, Reception have been reading and writing polysyllabic words such as pondweed, suntan, raindrop. Year 1s have been recapping on all the sounds so far and they have worked really hard on their phonics assessments.

In English Reception have started a new book called ‘Jack and the Jelly bean stalk’ and we have been busy chotting, writing lots of wonderful sentences and tasting a variety of jelly beans. The Year 1s have been finishing their sentence stackers for the book ‘The Day the crayons quit’ and they have started to plot their independent writing.

In Maths Reception have been learning to count in the pattern of 5s and recapping on positional language. Year 1s have been busy looking partitioning numbers and counting forwards and backwards to 50 and beyond.

In topic we have started to look at the life cycle of a caterpillar, we had some tiny caterpillars delivered and we are going to enjoy watching them turn into butterflies.

In PE we have started our unit on Tennis, we had lots of fun moving in lots of different ways and throwing and catching a ball.

We have also really enjoyed watching our sunflowers grow.