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Welcome to Robin Class

In Ruby Bridges Class you will find 24 fantastic Reception and Year 1 children. We are a fantastic team and together we are creative, curious, collaborative, resilient, resourceful and reflective.

What are we learning about this term?

Our topic this term is 'Our Amazing World' where we will be learning all about where we live, where Mundesley is in relation to other places such as Norwich, London and the UK. We will talk about why we need to look after our world and how we can do that. Our key focus words in PSHE are 'choices and consequences' and our key question is 'Do all of our choices have a consequence?'

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Alice Thomas


I like to play with my friends and I like the start of the day when we do work. I like the craft activities. I like English, that we get to say hello to Grandma Fantastic.



I like playing with my friends and I like learning. I like English that we mix up words. My teachers help me and make sure I'm not hurt.

Tia Power


I like playing with my friends and the teachers. I like phonics when we jump over the river. Teachers help when we hurt ourselves.