Robin Class weekly update

Robins have been on fire in their maths learning this week! We have learnt to write fact families for a selection of numbers, using representations on tens frames, part-whole models and bar models. We also have compared these using the greater than, less than or equal to symbols. Topic has been lots of fun this week as we have continued learning about Captain Scott’s journey to the South Pole, including focusing on what explorers wore 100 years ago to Antarctica vs what they would wear now. In English we have had fun experience days learning all about the fun that Grandad and Syd have on the island- we even made freeze frames to show how Grandad and Syd dived into the river, built sand castles on the beach and climbed the tallest trees, see the pictures! Please continue to read as much as you can at home- it is making such a difference in your child’s progress!