Robin Class update

Robins have began some exciting new units in their lessons this week. In topic we are now learning about the five senses and are doing some interesting experiments and activities to explore this. We did a taste and smell test of 2 similar looking pieces of food- a potato and an apple. We said the apple was sweet and tasty whilst the potato was a bit yucky. For sight, we went on a colour hunt and we also have been on a hearing hunt for sounds around our outside area, and on Friday we did a touchy feely bag experiment. We also began weight and mass in maths, where we have learnt to use weighing scales and learnt what balanced and unbalanced means. We finished making our clay penguins in art, inspired by Antony Gormely. We also have finished our non-fiction English unit, and will begin planning for and writing our independent write next week. Keep up the reading at home please!