Owl Class weekly update

We have had a very interesting week this week! In History, we have been investigating the equipment that explorers used to have compared to equipment that modern explorers use. We remembered lots of information about the equipment that explorer Mr Hall brought in with him last week, and how it all needs to be small and light to fit in his backpack. We have compared that to the equipment Robert Falcon Scott had with him on his expeditions to Antarctica, and have concluded that modern equipment is much better at keeping us warm, and it’s easier to move about in. In English, we had a brilliant experience day where we became Syd and his grandad, and had lots of fun in the jungle! Check out the photos! In Maths, we have begun to learn about multiplication, by representing it in equal groups and addition sentences. Next week we are going to look at 2x tables facts- so have a go at practising your 2x tables at home! In Phonics, we have learned about Possessive apostrophes, and adding the suffix –ly to the end of adjectives (describing words) to make adverbs of manner (how something is done). Please practice the a (o) spelling rule in their spelling books, ready for their check next Friday.