Owl Class update

We have had a busy start to the half term! For our Topic ‘Let’s Go Exploring’, we have looked at works by the artist Sir Antony Gormley who is famous for his abstract sculptures of people. We used terracotta clay to sculpt a penguin army inspired by his work ‘Field for the British Isles’, to ask the question “What are we doing to our world?” When they are dry, we will install them on display- photos to follow! In English, we are writing a non-chronological report about penguins, so any penguins facts the children can learn at home will come in very handy for their independent write next week! In maths, we have done very well in our ‘missions’, and are now recapping time. See if you can get your children to identify what time of day they usually do different activities such as waking up, eating dinner or going swimming. We are also learning how to read an analogue clock. In phonics, we have been revising the silent letters in ‘kn‘, ‘gn‘ and ‘wr‘, and our spelling check next week will be on the long ‘i‘ sound, often found in some common exception words (CEW).