Owl Class update

We have been busy Owls this week. We got a visit from Olivier Tootington from the Owl Parliament, who has set the children their first set of Maths, Reading, Writing and Spelling missions to complete this year. I am really pleased with how resilient all the children have been, and Olivier was so impressed that he cannot wait to see how well Year 2 are going to do during the year (and he said they could all have a sticker!).

In Art, we have made our fairytale castles and cottages collages, using the prints of things we could find in nature we collected last week. In phonics, we have learned the ‘al‘ grapheme that makes a /l/ sound at the end of words, and we began to look at homophones, which are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. As we had a different spelling test this week, can you continue to practice the silent ‘kn‘ spelling rule in their spelling books, ready for their check next Friday.