Michelle Obama weekly class update 18/06/2021

The children have been working incredibly hard to learn the persuasive letter writing skills to bring the felt tips back to Class this week; it seems to be working as some have returned to us!

In Maths Year 2 have been recapping multiplication and division whilst Year 1 have been comparing numbers to 100 using < =>.

In Phonics Year 2 have been recapping Tricky Witch ‘s’ (szh) and w-ar(or). Year 1 have been recapping Silent Ghosts ‘wh’, ‘ph’, Green Froggy ‘y’ and ‘e’.

We have been continuing to investigate materials that are suitable to build houses in London after the Great Fire and we have also begun to learn the singing ‘sound, ‘London’s Burning’.

We were invited to visit the ducklings that have hatched in Ruby Bridges Class and we had a marvellous time cuddling them!