Michelle Obama weekly class update 14/05/2021

We have begun our new English Unit this week, and the children are all fascinated by it! We are writing a historical biography about Samuel Pepys and have been very busy collecting facts and finding out about Mr Pepys. We have decided he wore very odd clothes and did you know he wore a periwig! We are really looking forward to discovering more about him.

In Maths year 1 have been learning to recognise, find and make half of shapes and quantities. Year 2 have been subtracting two digit and one digit numbers and two digit number from two digit numbers. They have been writing their own number lines to solve the word and number problems.

In Phonics Year 2 have been recapping ‘al.’ Year 1 have been recapping Miss Oh No ‘ow,’ Cool blue ‘ue’ and ‘ew’ and UHoo ‘ue.