Michelle Obama weekly class update 07/05/2021

There has been such a buzz in Class this week due to planning and writing our very first independent narrative based on Oliver Jeffers ‘The Way Back Home’! We are all looking forward to sharing them with you, there are rockets, unicorns, rainbows, spaceships, penguins and even New York!

In Maths Year 1 have been looking at grouping and sharing. Year 2 have been recapping addition and subtraction two digit and one digit numbers and also two digit to two digit numbers.

In Phonics Year 2 have been recapping ‘-y’ and Year 1 have recapped Miss O No ‘oa’, ‘oe’, Brown Owl ‘ou’ and ‘ow’.

In Topic we have looked at some other original source documents to deepen our understanding and knowledge of the Great Fire of London.