Michelle Obama class update w/e 27/11/2020

Obama Class have begun a new genre of writing in English – a biography! We have investigated the shape of a biography text and found some similarities between them and non-chronological reports. The person whose biography we are looking at is Grace Darling, so please ask your child about some of the amazing star facts they have found out about her.

In Maths, year 1’s have been adding and subtracting on a numberline and they have all been absolute superstars doing it! Year 2’s have looked at adding one digit numbers to 2 digit numbers on a number line. We have tried to partition the one digit number so that we can jump to the nearest 10. We have then moved on to add 2 2 digit numbers by using base 10 equipment to help us partition the numbers.

In our Topic work we have begun a unit on Design Technology. We have designed a new lifeboat and have begun to look at the paper joins we will need to make it.