Jesse Owens weekly class update 18/06/2021

We have had another great week this week! Our persuasive letter is well underway- and some of our felt tip pens have already come back (hopefully they will stay)!

In maths, we have been having ‘Blast Classes’ to recap all 4 operations (+ – × ÷), for solving arithmetic questions, work problems and reasoning and problem solving questions.

In Science, we have understood that the same objects can be made from different materials depending on what the object is for, and we have learnt that some materials can change shape when they are twisted, squashed, stretched and bent.

In PE, we have had Elliot from Community Sports Foundation come in and help us with multi skills. We have really enjoyed his lessons, and we are very excited to see what we will do next week!

In phonics, we have been recapping the ‘uh’ sound made using the letter ‘o’. This is a tricky witch spelling that keeps tripping us up!

Our sunflowers are growing really nicely! We have been watering and tending to them each day- we cannot wait to see how high they will grow!