Jesse Owens

Welcome to Jesse Owens Class

Jesse Owens

Welcome to Jesse Owens Class! We are a curious, collaborative and resilient class of Year 2 children! We are taught by Miss Carman, and have Mrs Wymer and Mrs Alexander to help us too!

We are named after Jesse Owens, who was an African American record-breaking, gold medal-winning sprinter who raced at the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936. We learned all about his determination and resilience, and are inspired by his success despite all the prejudices and hardships he faced.

What are we learning about this term?

This term our Topic is London Calling, where we will be using our geographical skills to find where London is; our historical skills to investigate the Great Fire of London and how London was changed. In our English we will be writing an adventure narrative based upon Oliver Jeffers, The Way Back Home and also a biography of Samuel Pepys.

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Harry Smith

I love this class. We learn some really fun and exciting things. My favourite topic this year was the Stone Age. We learnt about where our ancestors came from.


Ed Potter

I love maths. This year I feel like I have been really challenged. I get to complete extra work which is really tricky. I use my JONK skills to help me.


Sky Leona

I have loved learning in this class. The teachers and really kind and supportive.