Jemison Class update

We had such an fantastic trip today to Cromer. First we went down the steep slope towards the beach and turned right to the Henry Blogg Museum. We had a session with a lifeboat volunteer Mike, who told us all about how Henry Blogg saved the SS Monte Nevoso’s crew! We then explored the Henry Blogg museum which was fantastic and very interactive! We got to try on lifeboat crew’s clothing, learnt lots about Cromer crabs and even more information about how heroic Henry Blogg was. We even got to see the medals he was awarded. After that we walked along to Cromer Pier. We enjoyed looking through the gaps at how high above the sea we were. We also watched people crabbing and Dom and Kallie even got to hold one! Luckily they didn’t get snipped! At the end of the Pier we saw the present day lifeboat and how high above the sea the boat is. We looked at the huge ramp the boat goes up and down. We enjoyed our lunch on the pier and then went down to the beach where we had an ice lolly. Finally we played lots of beach games, hunted for stones and fossils and built some sandcastles! The weather was perfect and so was our behaviour. We were a credit to Mundesley Infant School!