Jemison Class update

This week we have all come back to school refreshed after our half term holiday. We have an exciting half term ahead with lots of events and things to look forward to! Our focus this week throughout the whole of the Infant and Junior school is farming in Norfolk. We have had a special week looking at strawberry farming .We planted strawberries, learnt about the lifecycle of a strawberry, had Forest School and did some strawberry printing using leaves. We also looked on Google Maps at local farms near our school and went into the wild area to see actually how close the fields are! We even met a real life farmer who answered lots of questions about what it’s like to be a farmer. We looked at the famous artist Jackson Pollock and blended strawberries, mixed with strawberry colours (red, green and yellow for the seeds) to recreate some of his artwork! Today in maths we used our prior learning of halves and quarters to follow our designs we made in DT for fruit kebabs. We then made the kebabs and gave them to the farmers market over at the Junior School. We have even learnt a song about fruit and vegetables which we are going to perform to the rest of the school on Friday! WHAT A BUSY WEEK!