Jemison Class update

Last week we had a very busy week. In Phonics, we explored  new sounds and words that have double the same letter, like SS,LL, FF and CK. Together we read different versions of the same story, Rapunzel and have found it very interesting how the same story can be written in many different ways. In English we started to use our feelings vocabulary to describe how Rapunzel felt being locked in the tower. During Maths, we looked at ordering and counting ‘accurately’ and the ways in which we can do this successfully. Our afternoons of Topic have been filled with exploring our Planet, Earth. We have focused this week on the 7 continents and have worked really hard in trying to locate and know where they all are. 

This week we have started learning about our topic; Celebrations! First we have been learning about our world in Geography – understanding that our world is made of countries and continents. We also have been learning about the different oceans! We used Google Earth to find the different countries and capital cities that make up the United Kingdom, using the school chromebooks! This week we have started to focus on India specifically and the differences between our two countries. In English we have been learning about the traditional tale, Rapunzel. We have been looking at different versions and noticing the similarities and differences. In maths we have been learning about numbers; how to count accurately and focussing on the order of numbers.