Jemison Class update

Just before half term we finished our mammoth Tudor house project. The children worked so hard on these; designing, building the frame, evaluating, adapting, decorating and making lots of design choices. We loved how different they all were yet you could tell they had the elements of a Tudor house – the daub and timber and some even had a jetty. See our finished designs below. We then lined them up just like the streets in London would have been when the Great Fire of London happened. We hope you are suitably impressed. Some of the children even chose to set theirs on fire when they got home, just like the real Great Fire of London! This week in topic we have been learning some music; London’s Burning. We have been singing it in a round, clapping the rhythm and even learning the recorder! As a class we had great fun celebrating World Book Day and we dressed up as a range of characters, shared our favourite book and even had a fashion show! Check out our team photo.