Jemison Class update

What a Monday we had! We hopped onto a coach and headed towards the bright lights of Norwich city. It was an icy but bright day as we walked excitedly from Tombland to the Cathedral. When we arrived we split into 3 groups and headed in to the main Cathedral area to learn all about how the Cathedral was designed and who by, the Monks who were there in the past and the materials that came from France to build the Cathedral! We got to dress up as Monks, sit in the choir stalls and some of us even got to dress up as the Bishop of Norwich! After that we had the most important part of the day; LUNCH! We then headed into a very old part of the city nearby called Elm Hill. We saw the Tudor buildings that would have been around in 1666 – at the time of the Great Fire of London, and even spotted Paddington in a bear shop. We followed the cobbled streets back to the coach and headed back to Mundesley. There were many weary faces and some tired eyes even nodded off on the way home. A good day was had by all!