Jemison Class update

We’re well into the swing with our learning about London. This week we have been learning about what London was like in the past, around 1666. We have been looking at the human features that were there such as churches and wooden houses, then, comparing it to London in 2023. We noticed the skyscraper buildings, the different vehicles. The children couldn’t believe that in 1666 they didn’t have mobile phones or TV’s!! Our English has continued with our Paddington sentence stackers and between us we have built up an amazing narrative. On Friday we are going to have our long independent write, where we get the opportunity to plan and write, showing the teacher what we have learnt and can apply on our own! In maths we have been subtracting by finding the difference using a number line to support. We have also been doing a lot of mental maths; holding the number in our head and counting on the given amount. We love our Forest School Friday’s and have some wonderful photos for you. There are so many benefits to this time; fresh air, nature, team building, creativity, thinking outside the box…the list goes on!