Jemison Class update

What a busy week we have had in Jemison Class. We have started learning about poetry in English and the thing we love the most is…there are no rules!! Our favourite poem we have been watching on the whiteboard is by Michael Rosen and it’s called Chocolate Cake! Perhaps you could find it on your phone or ipad at home…some of the children have memorised some of the words and the actions that the author does. It’s such a pleasure to watch them and listen to them laugh when we’re watching it. In maths we have been using the skills we’ve learnt throughout the last term to apply them to real life problems such as shopping with money and do we have enough? Some people even deepened the moment and told me how much change they would have! There has been great excitement in topic in Jemison Class. We have been designing an Indian food product, making a package for the product using a net, desigining a label for this on the computer and finally finalising our ingredients. The children really trying the ingredients and deciding what added extras would go into their product. We look forward to our authentic outcome next week of baking our indian biscuits!