Farthing Wood Class update

Firstly it was wonderful to see so many of you at the Parent Harvest Festival Event. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We have had a wonderful week in Farthing Wood Class. The children have spent lots of time outside exploring, especially scooping out and carving pumpkins. We’ve even planted some seeds and made a sign to let others know they are there!
In Monster Phonics this week we have learnt the new sounds h and b. The children have blown my socks off with how amazing they are becoming at segmenting and blending to say new words. We’ve used our creative skills to decorate Bunting and Hats which we plan to put up in our home corner.
In Maths we have been consolidating our learning from this topic. We have been sharing and comparing using size, colour and shape. We have been exploring two groups of objects and using a 5 frame to discover which group has more. We have continued to look at repeating patterns and the children have shown how resourceful they are but making patterns using lots of different objects – bears, lego, people and leaves. They have even created repeating patterns and asked a friend to continue them, securing their knowledge in the process.
In Topic this week we have been looking at how to keep ourselves healthy. On Monday we learnt all about why it is important to wash our hands and when we need to do this. We practised our newly learnt skills and the children remembered the sequence brilliantly. On Wednesday we learnt all about how to keep our teeth healthy. We learnt how many times we needed to brush our teeth a day, healthy and unhealthy foods and drinks, visiting a dentist and what might happen when you get a wobbly tooth! I hope the children enjoyed sharing the Healthy teeth pack with you at home. Finally on Thursday we learnt all about why it is important to look after yourself. Our bodies are really clever, but we need to look after ourselves to help us stay happy and healthy. There are lots of things we can do to help look after ourselves. We can talk to others about how we are feeling, eat a balanced diet, do some exercise, look after our personal hygiene, think about what we need to wear and have plenty of rest and sleep.
Your child’s reading book has been changed and will be changed weekly if they have read the book three times at home. Please record when you have read their Monster Phonics book with them in their Reading Record. They receive a Mundesley Merit everytime they read at home, once they have 10 they can spend them in the Merit shop – Thank you.
You will notice in their Reading Records they are decodable and Tricky words. The children are learning these in school and it would be great if you could help them by reading them at home.
Finally we hope you all have a wonderful half term – maybe you could go on a welly walk, carve a pumpkin or do some baking!
We love to see what adventures your child gets up to at home – clubs they attend , baking, reading, making dens, being creative, going on nature walks. Tapestry is a wonderful place to share these with us and the class – please upload your photos and a brief description so we can share these together during circle time.