Farthing Wood Class update

It has been a really busy week of learning this week in Farthing Wood Class. The children have spent lots of time outside exploring, especially in the mud kitchen.
In Monster Phonics this week we have learnt the new sounds e, u and r. We have been practising our segmenting and blending to say new words. We have also been practising our letter formation. We have tried really hard this week to hold our pencil using a tripod grip as we know this helps us form our letters correctly. We played a game altogether where we had to segment and blend together some words and decide if they are real words or alien words – we had lots of fun doing this and worked collaboratively together!
In Maths we have been looking at repeating patterns. A repeating pattern is a pattern where a group of elements repeat themselves as the pattern extends – ABABAB, ABCABCABC. We have looked at lots of different ways we can make repeating patterns – lego, compare bears, fruit, natural objects and multilink. The children have created wonderful repeating patterns both inside and out using a variety of resources. They created repeating pattern tentacles on the Octopus and they looked super! They have even created repeating patterns and asked a friend to continue them, securing their knowledge in the process.
In Topic we have continued to read ‘The Everywhere Bear’ and discussed friendly and unfriendly behaviours. The children were really good at spotting these in the story and coming up with alternative behaviours they would use. We have also been looking at the Season AUTUMN and what that means. What changes are happening and why. Next week we will go on an Autumnal Welly Walk to see what we can discover about the season we are in.
Your child’s reading book has been changed and will be changed weekly if they have read the book three times at home. Please record when you have read their Monster Phonics book with them in their Reading Record. They receive a Mundesley Merit everytime they read at home – Thank you.
You will notice in their Reading Records there are decodable and Tricky words. The children are learning these in school and it would be great if you could help them by reading them at home.
PLEASE remember to send your child in with a full WATER BOTTLE and a COAT everyday.
Can you please remember to send the children in with wellies and waterproofs. We will go outside regardless of the weather and we are hoping to start ‘Welly Walks’ around the school grounds.
We love to see what adventures your child gets up to at home – clubs they attend , baking, reading, making dens, being creative, going on nature walks. Tapestry is a wonderful place to share these with us and the class – please upload your photos and a brief description so we can share these together during circle time.
Thank you to those of you that have sent in photos of your families, it’s been lovely to see them and have them up in class. The children have really enjoyed talking about their families with their peers and adults. Don’t worry if you haven’t you are still able to send them to myself (k.betts@coastaltogether.co.uk) or the school office.