Farthing Wood Class update

Wow – what a wonderful week we have had in Farthing Wood this week. We attended our first Celebration Assembly and the children were amazing and sat and listened beautifully.
In Phonics this week we have looked at the letters o, c, k, ck and the children found it very strange that c, k and ck all make the same sound but were very quickly able to recognise each individual sound by the letter formation and do the correct action to match. I wonder if they can show you the different actions for each letter? They are becoming super confident in segmenting and blending. They have loved playing Cool Blue’s game of ‘Whats in the Box’ – Cool Blue hides something in his box and I have to sound talk the word to the children, they then blend it to find out what it is! (d-o-g = dog, c-a-t = cat)
This week in Maths we have been looking at comparing. We have been comparing using different mathematical language – big and small, large and little, taller and shorter, empty and full and more and less.. We have compared lots of different things – bananas – who has more?, Cups of juice – are they full or empty? Towers – Which one is taller? Which one is shorter?
The children have been very busy and created fantastic towers and described them using taller and shorter. They had a Teddy’s Bear Picnic and gave more to Big Bear and less to Small Bear and confidently talked about who had more and who had less.
In Topic we are continuing the story of ‘The Everywhere Bear’. We have been looking at what makes a good friend. Last week we decided if we lost something we would want a friend to help so this week we have been describing what that friend might do. We talked about sharing and taking turns and how these are different and don’t mean the same thing but doing both makes you a good friend. The children decided a good friend has kind hands and feet, kind words, looks after the resources in school, asks you if you want to join in, asks if you are okay and wants to play with you. We have seen lots of these qualities in JONK time this week and the children have been great at pointing them out.
Your child’s reading book has been changed and will be changed weekly if they have read the book three times at home. Please record when you have read their Monster Phonics book with them in their Reading Record – Thank you.
PLEASE remember to send your child in with a full WATER BOTTLE and a COAT everyday.
Can you please remember to send the children in with wellies and waterproofs. We will go outside regardless of the weather and we are hoping to start ‘Welly Walks’ around the school grounds.
We love to see what adventures your child gets up to at home – clubs they attend , baking, reading, making dens, being creative, going on nature walks. Tapestry is a wonderful place to share these with us and the class – please upload your photos and a brief description so we can share these together during circle time.
Thank you to those of you that have sent in photos of your families, it’s been lovely to see them and have them up in class. The children have really enjoyed talking about their families with their peers and adults. Don’t worry if you haven’t you are still able to send them to myself (k.betts@coastaltogether.co.uk) or the school office.