Farthing Wood Class update

We have continued on our Monster Phonics journey, introducing the children to i and n. We have also begun to blend from left to right. The children have begun to identify the initial sound in the words we have been blending. For example the initial sound in the word sun is s, the initial sound in pin is p. We have also been looking at handwriting beginning with developing our gross motor skills, we have slithered like snakes, waddled like penguins and galloped like horses and chased our tails like puppies!
In our ‘All About Me’ Topic we have recapped our school rules and discovered what a ‘Mundesley Merit’ is and how we can earn one. We have learnt all about JONK, which is The Joy of Not Knowing and explored how it is great to not know things because the more we think and do, the more our brains will grow. The children have also learnt about the JONK animals and their characteristics who help with our learning behaviours; curious cats, resilient sharks, resourceful octopus, collaborative bees, creative spiders and reflective monkeys.
We have also started reading the ‘Everywhere Bear’ where we have been looking at rhyming words. We had great fun trying to find words that rhyme with our names – some of the words the children made up were amazing. It would be great if you could practise noticing rhyming words at home – hat – cat, dog – log, floor – door, eye – fly etc.
Reading Books have been changed and your child will have a Monster Phonics book and a picture book sent home with them this week. Please ensure your child has their Reading Wallet in their book bag everyday. Please record when you read with your child in the Reading Record. You can record any book you read together but you must record when your child has read their Monster Phonics book. You may have noticed your child does not currently have a Library Book – this is so as not to overwhelm you with too many books to remember to bring back into school!
Can you please remember to send the children in with wellies and waterproofs. (they can stay in their lockers so they don’t need to bring them to and from school each day)
We will go outside regardless of the weather and we are hoping to start ‘Welly Walks’ around the school grounds. Thank you to those of you that have sent in photos of your families, it’s been lovely to see them and have them up in class. The children have really enjoyed talking about their families with their peers and adults. Don’t worry if you haven’t you are still able to send them to myself (k.betts@coastaltogether.co.uk) or the school office.