Earhart Class update

We have had a lovely trip to Cromer this week to see the lifeboat at the end of the pier, to visit the Henry Blogg Museum and to have a picnic on the beach! First, we went to the end of the pier to see the lifeboat named the RNLB Lester! Did you know it can reach speeds of up to 80 mph? After that, we visited the Henry Bloog Museum, and got to try on different costumes as we retold the story of one of Henry Blogg’s famous rescue missions, when he saved the crew of the ship the Monte Nevoso. We even learnt about how Henry saved a dog from the ship. In the end, he kept as a pet and named it Monte after the ship’s name! We ended our trip with lunch on the beach, and even managed to squeeze in an ice cream. All the sea air made us very tired – we had a fantastic day though!