Earhart Class update

What a busy first week back we’ve had in Earhart Class! This week in English, we have been finding out about riddles, and have been trying to solve some about different places in Norwich before preparing to write our own riddles about animals. In Maths, we have been practising our division skills and have also been introduced to a brand new concept: fractions! We had a very fun lesson cutting up oranges into halves and quarters, before solving some fractions on our own using counters. In Topic, we have been finding out a little more about some of the people that were there at the time of the Great Fire of London. We even had two visitors to come and talk to us: the baker Thomas Farriner, who told us about how the fire started at his bakery on Pudding Lane, and the diarist Samuel Pepys, who told us that he had been so worried about his precious cheese being destroyed in the fire that he buried it!