Earhart Class update

We have had a fantastic week in Earhart Class as we have dedicated the week to a very exciting topic activity – making Tudor houses! To begin with, we had to make the structure of the house with a roof from our cardboard boxes. Next, we put our artistic skills to the test by covering the house with papier mache to get the white daub walls that are features of Tudor houses. Next, we made our lead windows from card. After that, we stuck down black card strips to look like the timber beams. We have been using lots of amazing skills such as cutting, sticking, measuring and scoring! We also did our big independent write this week and did an amazing job describing what happened next to Vlad and Boxton in the Great Fire of London, and we’ve finally mastered division in maths, using counters and pots to divide numbers into equal groups. We are all exhausted after a jam-packed week definitely ready for a break!