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We are Neverland Class, a class of 28 marvellous, curious and sociable Year 1 learners who are eager to learn. Our teacher is Miss Allison and we are fortunate to have Miss Finch and Mrs Driver as our teaching assistants. In our class, we strive for excellence by being inquisitive through our collaborative, resourceful and resilient work ethic.

What are we learning about this term?

This term our topic is ‘Let’s Fly Away’. Throughout this topic the children will explore flight, world maps and have plenty of opportunities to use their imagination and creativity.

We will be looking closely at what an invention is and how people in history have tried to fly in a number of ways before the first aeroplanes were invented. We shall be investigating who first invented the motorised aeroplane.

In art and design, we shall be drawing planes but specifically learning that lines have various thickness and some lines can be darker or lighter dependent on how hard we press.

In design and technology, we will be exploring how different materials have different properties (flexibility, waterproof etc.) so are useful for different things. We shall be understanding how a design should be well-planned so that it can be followed exactly to make the same model over and over again.

We will also be incorporating music and georgraphy into our lessons by using flight as the stimulus to our learning. This will involve understanding what a map is and using one. We will be exploring the continents and the five oceans.

We can't wait for our brains to grow bigger from all of the new information we shall be learning!

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15 September 2023

Neverland class update

8 September 2023

Harry Smith

I love this class. We learn some really fun and exciting things. My favourite topic this year was the Stone Age. We learnt about where our ancestors came from.


Ed Potter

I love maths. This year I feel like I have been really challenged. I get to complete extra work which is really tricky. I use my JONK skills to help me.


Sky Leona

I have loved learning in this class. The teachers and really kind and supportive.