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WWe are Neverland Class, a class of 28 marvellous, curious and sociable Year 1 learners who are eager to learn. Our teacher is Miss Allison and we are fortunate to have Miss Stephen and Mrs Driver as our teaching assistants. In our class, we strive for excellence by being inquisitive through our collaborative, resourceful and resilient work ethic. This term our topic is 'Infinity and Beyond’. Throughout this topic the children will explore Space, learn about different signicant invdividuals who have travelled to Space, develop understanding of plants and foods on Earth and in Space, and have plenty of opportunities to use their imagination and creativity.

What are we learning about this term?

This term our topic is ‘Infinity and Beyond’. Throughout this topic the children will explore Space.

We will be looking at how Space and the 'Infinity and Beyond' contributes to change, identity and individuality. To achieve this, we will explore what Space looks like and how it compares to life down on Earth.

Our History lessons will be filled with curious exploration about life in Space. Starting with Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, to Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Before moving onto more recent individuals such as Mae Jemison and Tim Peake.

In Art and Design, we shall be exploring what Space looks like and get creative through developing art using water colours, oils and collages.

In Science, we will be developing our understanding of plants and what they need to grow. We will use this learning to help us explore what it is like to grow food up in Space.

Our DT lessons will be filled with resourceful and reflective lessons as we explore the foods eaten in Space - this will involve planning, making and evalating different Space meals.

We can't wait for our brains to grow bigger from all of the new information we shall be learning!

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Harry Smith

I love this class. We learn some really fun and exciting things. My favourite topic this year was the Stone Age. We learnt about where our ancestors came from.


Ed Potter

I love maths. This year I feel like I have been really challenged. I get to complete extra work which is really tricky. I use my JONK skills to help me.


Sky Leona

I have loved learning in this class. The teachers and really kind and supportive.