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Farthing Wood

Welcome to Farthing Wood Class. In this wonderful Class you will find 21 very curious and inquisitive children who are really looking forward to building their resilience , resourcefulness, collaborative and creative skills, as well as being reflective and curious just like our JONK characters! We have Mrs Betts as our teacher and four wonderful teaching assistants: Miss Cutting, Mrs Farrow, Miss Harris and Mrs Ball to help us during the week. Just like the wonderful woodland animals of Farthing Wood we are going to be super busy exploring our provision inside and out and investigating all the amazing resources during our independent learning. This term we are going to be exploring our two Topic's - firstly 'People' and we will look at 'What can I be?' - exploring belonging and comminuty and after half term we will explore the Topic 'Past and Present' where we will look at 'Does the past have an impact on our future?' - exploring happiness and opportuiites.

What are we learning about this term?

This half term we are going to be exploring our Topic - 'People' and look at the question ‘What can I be?’ and explore this using the key concepts belonging and identity.

In this topic, we will be understanding the world by talking about similarities and differences between ourselves, others, and among families, communities and traditions. We will explore jobs people do, where we live and what our families look like.

In computing, we will look at E safety and discover technology that is used at home and in school. How to operate simple equipment and use a safe part of the Internet to play and learn. We will also understand that extended periods of time on technology isn’t good for us.

In English, we will compare and contrast characters from stories, including figures from the past (for example, talk about characters, retell fairy tales/traditional tales, tell a story from the past, talk about the present)?

We shall be learning about how we experiment with different ways of balancing, different ways of moving (agility). The different ways of throwing a moving ball with different body parts (coordination) and working with friends in a team.

In expressive arts and design, we will be exploring and naming the primary colours. We will learn how to mix the primary colours to make secondary colours and then use these skills to create self portraits.

After half term, we will be exploring our second topic ‘Past & Present’. We will explore the question, ‘Does the past have an impact on our future?’ and explore this using the key concepts of happiness and opportunities.

In this topic, we will be understanding the world by talking about our immediate family both old and young and talk about past and present events in our lives. We will share what we know about the past and the similarities and differences we can observe in old and new everyday objects. We will explore if everybody has the same interests and look closely at our Grandparents interests when they were young. We shall be learning how to use our body to make different shapes, experiment with different jumps and different ways of rolling into a small shape. We will explore how to move along the floor in different ways like sliding, rolling and stretching. We look forward to a great term learning and exploring ‘People’ and ‘Past & Present’.

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I like to see my friends and teachers and make things in Art. I really enjoy phonics and learning new sounds. I am looking forward to leaning new stories and and doing English. I would like to learn how to count to 100 and looking at maps of different places. I hope we can go to the fort lots too!



I like playing with my all my friends and going to special places like the fort and the treehouse. I am looking forward to English because I like to write stories and make new characters. I really like maths as well because we get to count in different ways with lots of things. And Year 2 is much harder!



I love maths because its so much fun counting to bigger numbers. I enjoy PE and playing with my friends. I am looking forward to making new friends and learning about other countries and speaking new words (in different languages). Miss Carman teaches us new words (French) for lunch!