Bumblebees Class update

We have begun our new Topic – What a Wonderful World. The Knowledge organiser and homework grid can be found on Google Classroom. Please contact the Office should you need any information regarding logging on.

Our new vocabulary is ‘care’ and ‘community’ whilst our enquiry question is ‘Are all communities the same?’ We will be spending this Topic looking at other communities in different parts of the world but we have begun by reminding ourselves about the community that we live in and are part of.

In Phonics we have been blending and spelling CVCC (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) words. Our book for English this week has been Emma Jane’s Aeroplane. The children have really enjoyed seeing all the places that Emma Jane flew too, and all the animals she made friends with. The sentence stackers we have written have focussed on the noticing lens (adjectives), action lens (verbs), hearing lens (adjectives) and finally the feeling lens (adjectives). We have had some super sentences written by the children and we are really impressed with letter formation and writing on the line.
We have looking at equal and unequal groups in Maths and we have begun counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. The children have been using bead strings to help them count.

We have introduced Rainbow Challenges into our Provision this week; children collect rainbow sticks and house points after completing independent challenges. When all six challenges have been met children can double their house points! We’ve all been very busy as a result!
Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend!