Bumblebee Class weekly update

Firstly, thank you so much for sending pictures of your houses in. We have attached them to wood and the children have been sharing their knowledge with each other. They have had lots of questions about them!
In Phonics this week we have been learning Angry Ai ‘ai’ aling with the high frequency words it’s do so go.
We are continuing our Maths focus on ‘Growing 6,7,8’ and have looked at matching different representations of the numbers 6,7 and 8. We have spent lots of time looking at one more and one less than numbers to 8. It would be great if you could practise this at home with toys, pasta or any objects that can be counted.
Many of you may be aware that it is the beginning of Chinese New Year and our Topic has focussed on these celebrations. We have learnt how the Jade Emperor ordered the animals and recreated their race, we have found out the year that most of the children were born in, which was the Year of the Rooster or the Monkey and created dragons.