Bumblebee Class weekly update

We have been super busy this week learning about the Hindu Celebration of Diwali and Armistice Day. The children have really enjoyed exploring all the ways that Diwali is celebrated and were captivated by the story of Rama and Sita.
In phonics we have been learning ‘f’, ‘ff’, ‘l’, ‘ll’ and ‘ss’. It is the first time that we have found two letters which make one sound (phoneme) and we have learnt that ‘ff’, ‘ll’ and ‘ss’ are often found at the end of a word.
In Maths we have been comparing 1, 2 and 3 and also understanding that they can look different but still make the same number.
We have also begun to learn to use clues in pictures to be able to answer ‘why’ questions.
We have had some wonderful singing in our continuous provision when the children decided to make a stage – the backing band with their instruments were fantastic!
The Class are working really hard on our tidying up and looking after our equipment.

Kind Reminder: We change Monster Phonic reading books on a Thursday and Library books on a Friday. Reading wallets should always be in the children’s book bag. Thank you.