Bumblebee Class update

We were so excited to welcome the children back this week! They have told us all about the wonderful things they have done over the Easter holidays and how many Easter eggs they found, and ate! In phonics we have recapped Tricky Witch digraph ‘er’ and trigraphs, ‘ear’ ‘air’ and ‘ure’. In English we have made posters of one of our School Rules – we had some super handwriting along with segmenting for spelling. We found out our posters needed to be eye catching and include an image. The children’s illustrations were fabulous. In maths we have been adding to 7 and subtracting from 7. We have been using the addition stem sentence first I have xx, then I have xxx , altogether I have xx so xx add xx equals xx; and our subtraction stem sentence was , first I have xx, then xx walk away, now I have xxx so xx takeaway xx equals xx. Our Topic has focussed on our JONK (Joy of Not Knowing) characters and identifying the emotions of joy, sadness, worry and anger. The children have then used qr codes to access videos or pictures to make our JONK characters. We had some wonderful results as you can see from the pictures. Reminder: Don’t forget PE is on Mondays, children will need full PE kit, and this half term we will be outside focussing on ball skills.