Bumblebee Class update

Our Topic this week has focussed on trains, where they take us, what they are like and how they have changed over time. We have also looked at magnets and investigated what is special about them. The children found it fascinating!
Our book in English has been the Runaway Train by Benedict Balthwayt and we really enjoyed reading about all the different forms of transport Duffy Driver used to get back to the Runaway Train! We focussed on action sentence stackers but also looked at the sounds that trains make on the tracks too.
In Maths we have been using the language of time; first next, before and after. We have then used that to talk about days of the week and months of the year. We’ve tried really hard to put them in order too.
Tricky Witch has shown us a new digraph in phonics – ‘oi’. We;ve discovered that it comes in the middle of a word but she hasn’t been able to trick us at all! We have also looked at the high frequency words day, away, play and children.

POLITE REMINDER: please ensure children wear clothes for PE as per the uniform – zipped hoodies are not safe for children to wear. Thank you.