Attenborough Class

We have had an amazing week in Attenborough Class this week. Our resilient, resourceful, reflective, curious, collaborative and creative learners have been super busy and completed the most Rainbow Challenges since we started them this week! We have also visited the new classroom ready for Move Up days on Monday and Tuesday.

In Phonics we have been recapping CVC words and our High Frequency Words – 100 words the children will use and read most frequently. We have been busy reading and retelling the story based on Goldilocks and the Three bears! The children have written sentences to match different parts of the story and amazed me with their knowledge of what makes a good sentence. They need to remember three things to make a good sentence – a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop! The children have played BINGO, Buried Treasure and created their own flashcards game for the outside area. We have done lots of outside learning this week!

In English we have continued with ‘Drawing Club’ this week and have read the story ‘Meg and Mog’. The children drew an amazing picture of the witch Meg and had to describe her and what she was wearing – we all loved her stripey socks!!! We then had to design and draw what we thought Meg and Mog’s house looked like. We used our creative thinking brains to come up with ideas on how Meg and Mog could catch the mice, we invented a Cheesemobile so Mog could take the mice on holiday and invented and drew a mouse munching machine! The children have the most fantastic imagination and used their Monster Phonics knowledge and wrote the most wonderful descriptive sentences explaining what they have drawn!

In Maths we have continued the phase ‘On The Move’. We have spent the week looking at cuisenaire rods and patterns. We discovered and explored cuisenaire rods – these are a collection of rectangular rods of 10 colours, each colour corresponding to a different length and are mathematical learning aids for students that provide an interactive, hands-on way to explore mathematics and learn mathematical concepts! We have been consolidating our learning and practising our doubling, addition, subtraction and number bonds to 5 and 10 using them. We have also been looking at patterns. We have previously looked at ABAB and ABBA patterns but this week we have expanded their learning and looked at more difficult repeating patterns such as ABBC, ABCD, ABCC, AABC. The children have used lots of different resources to make the repeating patterns including natural resources and even drawn their own. The children have been super resourceful learners this week.

This week in Topic we have travelled to a new country!! We all got on a plane and flew to Africa. We landed in Kenya in the capital City Nairobi. We looked at Kenya and Nairobi on a map and discovered similarities and differences between this map and a map of where we live. We realised they have roads, water, rivers and areas of green land just like us. They also have a coastline just like us. We explored what the weather was like both here and in Nairobi. Nairobi is on the equator and different climates. It is tropical on the coast and dry and humid inland. We talked about the weather we have experienced here in Mundesley and discovered there are some similarities and some differences. We were surprised to realise they only have two seasons -dry and wet, whereas we have four and their heaviest rainfall is during June and July when we get the most sunshine.

As the weather continues to vary and we spend a lot of our time outside please apply sunscreen to your child before school and send them in with a Jumper/lightweight coat/fleece. Please send a summer hat in for your child to wear whilst we explore the outside areas and a water bottle containing water only.
Please could you ensure your child brings Wellies with them and long trousers/leggings to change into on a Wednesday as they will go out whatever the weather and Tick season is upon us. .

Please remember to write in your child’s reading record if you read together at home. It just needs to be the title of the book and your initials. Children are awarded up to 5 Mundesley Merits a week for reading at home, which they are able to spend in the Merit Shop on some amazing items including books!

We love to see what adventures your child gets up to at home – clubs they attend , baking, reading, making dens, being creative, going on nature walks. Tapestry is a wonderful place to share these with us and the class – please upload your photos and a brief description so we can share these together during circle time.